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The Planning, Environmental, and Local Government Bar Association of Ireland (PELGBA) is a specialist association for practising Barristers who practice in or have an interest in Planning, Environmental and Local Government Law in Ireland.

PELGBA was launched in July 2018 in an event attended by The Hon. Mr. Justice Frank Clarke, Chief Justice of Ireland and the Attorney General, Mr. Seamus Wolfe SC, and also Mr. Eoghan Murphy T.D., Minister for Housing, Planning & Local Government.


PELGBA seeks to advance the state of knowledge of the law in the areas of Planning, Environmental and Local Government Law and act as a forum for practising in this area. PELGBA also promotes the Bar as a specialist provider of advocacy and legal advice in the area of Planning, Environmental and Local Government Law. In this role, it liaises with The Council of The Bar of Ireland and other relevant parties on issues of interest to its members.


PELGBA Annual Conference 2024

The PELGBA Annual Conference will take place on 12 July 2024

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Champion of Equitable Briefing

The Bar of Ireland’s new Equitable Briefing Policy, approved by Council in June 2022, sets out a number of supports that the Council provide to members, including but not limited to, the development of specialist areas of practice through the formation of the Specialist Bar Associations.

The Equitable Briefing Policy asks that solicitors make all reasonable endeavours to consider gender in selecting a diverse panel of barristers with the required seniority, expertise, and experience.

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